written by
Harpreet Bambra

One exceptional experience and a positive ending is all your happy customers will remember

Customer Experience 1 min read , August 2, 2022

Customer experiences do not need to be flawless all across! Your customers judge your brand based on the high point of their experience and how it ended. The average of every moment in that experience does not matter.

Every experience is stored in our minds with an associated memory.

Think about the last movie you watched. What do you remember? Perhaps you remembered a scene that touched your heart or made you laugh. It is very likely that you also remember how the movie ended.

Whether the memories are happy or miserable, your overall impression of your last movie likely featured a few powerful moments.

Memories are usually more intense than the events they represent. We tend to remember only those moments that stand out as unusual or important. This behaviour is explained by the Peak-End Rule.

The Peak-End rule

The peak-end rule is something that impacts how people remember past events based on -

  • Intense positive or negative moments (the “peaks”)
  • Final moments of an experience (the "ends")

Whenever you recall an experience, your mind will bring up the peaks and the ends more often than other parts, just like watching the highlights of a movie or a game.

To create a positive and memorable customer experience, brands need to focus on making sure the peak is positive and memorable because it appears at a critical touch-point with the brand. The ending should also be on a positive note.

Achieving peaks with personalized media

As companies and brands grow, maintaining uniqueness and relevance become paramount to success. What better way to guarantee a peak than hyper-personalization!

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