written by
Harpreet Bambra

How customer empathy can help your personalization efforts

Customer Experience 1 min read , July 22, 2022

Sales and marketing professionals are always looking for new and innovative ways to personalize. Whether the intention is to start a conversation with their prospects or create a more tailored experience for their customers, personalization plays an essential role.

But all too often, we get caught up in the mechanics of personalization and lose sight of the objective - understanding our customers at a level where meaningful and relevant conversations are possible. These will result in stronger customer relationships resulting in a higher lifetime value.

As per Gartner, by 2025, organizations that will rank in the top 10% Global Empathy Index in their industry will see a 10% increase in customer loyalty.

To empathize with your customers, you must ensure they feel heard and cared for. This is an essential pillar of your personalized strategy. Let’s consider an example - A prospect is interested in a skin care solution because they are experiencing acne. They’ve visited your website and checked a few products. Most brands will likely recommend a product a few hours after they’ve left your website or app, probably through a type of notification.

Using personalized communication

Instead, imagine how the prospect would feel if they receive a personalized video that

  • starts with their name to establish that this content is just for you.
  • acknowledges that we as a brand were probably not able to assist you while you were on our website or app.
  • requests for the right inputs, one at a time, without overwhelming them with a long quiz
  • takes them to a page that’s personalized based on the input they’ve provided until now, without them having to wait for a long time again
  • to address the common apprehensions that other buyers have had with a list of FAQs on the same page.

Wouldn’t this result in more conversions as compared to a quick recommendation based on the products they checked on the website or app?

Empathy can reduce the trust deficit, get your customers to share more information & allow you to suggest the right solutions that work for your customers.

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