written by
Harpreet Bambra

A framework for creating delightful customer journeys in E-commerce

Industry Guide 3 min read , June 22, 2022

This article discusses how personalized media can be used across the e-commerce customer journey from pre to post purchase to build a better experience for customers. It has been divided into the following sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Pre-purchase
  3. During purchase window
  4. Post-purchase


Capturing attention has never been more challenging, with human attention spans becoming worse than a goldfish!

Consumers are presented with so many choices that even the best products get a few seconds to get noticed. The global cart abandonment rate is around 76%, implying that 3 out of 4 carts created will never be bought!

But there is a silver lining to this phenomenon. Cart abandonment emails are opened 45% of the time. And if you can make a connection there, chances are that you’ll be able to recover half your abandoned carts!

Millennials are picky about the brands they purchase from, and communication plays a big role here. A recent study by Twilio Segment revealed that if a brand fails to offer a personalized experience, 45% of consumers are likely to take their business elsewhere. Hence e-commerce businesses need to use their shoppers’ browsing behavior, demographics, purchase history, psychographics & everything else that they can draw insights from to make their communication more meaningful and relevant. Even after all this, you’ll need to create something that appears genuinely individualized that makes them feel special, without taking a lot of time as the millennials are low on patience.

Here is a list of initiatives that e-commerce businesses can take up to serve experiences that are near real-time, personalized, interactive & easy to consume -


Interactive Video Catalogs can offer a not-so-common experience to your customers and engage them by virtue of the novelty of the format. But make sure you’re not showing too many options to cause a distraction. Interactive elements like buttons within videos can turn your content into interactive catalogs where the viewer can control the flow and see what’s relevant to them. Moreover, you can use insights like products viewed, time spent in the video, etc., to make the subsequent interactions more meaningful.

During the Purchase Window

Abandoned cart messages with personalized images or GIFs can add a touch of creativity to your nudges. This might make the purchase decision a little more emotional if it already wasn’t and might swing the choice in your favor. Considering the above stats, spending a few bucks here could be completely worth it!


Personalized Video Messages can make your customers feel special, help improve brand recall and positively affect the lifetime value metrics. These could start with their name at the beginning of the video and establish a connection based on their past purchase (recommendations), life events (birthday/anniversary greetings), or special occasions (festivals/new year greetings).

Each of these messages can have a subtly masked business objective too.

  • ‘Thank you for your Purchase’ videos can include the option to gather feedback. And if the feedback is positive, you can try pitching one complementary product to help them complete their collection.
  • ‘Festival Greeting’ videos can have discount offers as the propensity to buy would be higher when your customers are in a festive mood.
  • ‘Birthday/Anniversary Greeting’ videos can be nicely designed messages to make them feel special and build an emotional connection.

And we’ve just scratched the surface with these examples. So much more can be done by blending the data you possess and the customer journey touch-points that you wish to intervene in that your e-commerce business will keep you on your toes!

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