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Harpreet Bambra

Turn activation events into aha moments with personalization

Customer Experience 2 min read , May 28, 2022

For any business, activation events are key to getting your users to stick around and become regular users of your product or service. But how can you make these events more memorable and exciting for your users?

One way is to introduce pattern interrupts such as personalized images, GIFs, or personalized video marketing techniques. Pattern interrupts will grab your user’s attention and make them take notice of your product or service in a way that they may not have before. By introducing these elements into your user activation strategy, you can increase the chances of turning your users into active and engaged members of your platform or community.

Some activation events that offer the potential to introduce a pattern interrupt are:

Welcome Email

Welcome emails are the first touchpoint in many customer journeys. Imagine being greeted with a personalized image or a personalized GIF in that email … it’s likely that your users would have rarely been greeted this way.

Welcome Message on your App

Greeting your users with a personalized image, GIF, or maybe even a personalized video will make them feel special within the first few interactions with your platform. Think about it … when was the last time you saw a GIF or a video on a platform that contained your name? And if you have, do you remember the ones who did that for you? Your answer would likely be ‘Yes’ for the latter question.

Congratulate the user on crossing milestones

As humans, we love to be appreciated. Your users are no different (well they are humans) and congratulating them on milestones, no matter how small, can be a great way to put a smile on their faces and make them feel appreciated. After all, happy moments are closer to aha moments.

Humanized chats

Engaged users would surely hit your chatbot at least once in their lifetime. Witnessing a quirky personalized image that contains your name or profile picture in the chatbot would make that chat experience memorable for your users and possibly create better brand recall in the future.

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