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Harpreet Bambra

A framework to drive more traffic to your virtual events

Marketing Customer Experience 2 min read , August 16, 2022

Will we return to 'business as usual' in the post-pandemic world, or the newfound way of remote events will become the norm?

Event could draw an audience of 42,000 registrants during the pandemic, a dramatic increase from the 4500 people who attended their 2019 event in Las Vegas!

And they are not alone, which means that the number of online events and webinars has increased to overwhelming levels.

Popular opinion suggests that we want to start in-person meetings. Zoom fatigue probably has a role to play in this. But we can't deny that it is a more convenient way to be able to attend events irrespective of where they are happening!

So what makes a virtual event work better than an in-person experience?

Quite a few positives! Here are some of them -

  • Higher scope of networking
  • More interactive setup
  • Easy accessibility to global events

For businesses, it's an excellent channel. Suppose you're able to attract a large audience. You will generate more leads, grow your network, and influence more people.

So how can you plan your webinars to bring in a larger share of your target audience?

Pick an exciting topic for your target audience.

Ask yourself, what would my ideal customer want to hear about? This could be new knowledge that could help them in their current role or solutions to the problems they are currently looking to solve. Urgent solutions would attract them to attend.

Inviting the right panel of speakers

If you're the expert on the subject, great! If not, consider reaching out to someone since it will set the tone for future sessions! Having a well-known or respected speaker can help increase the perceived value of your webinar and make it more attractive for attendees.

Promoting Your Webinar

The key to a successful promotion is to start early and use a variety of channels to reach your target audience.

  • Send an email to your list, but make it personal.
  • Make a landing page specifically for your webinar, with a simple method to register.
  • Use the user information and provide them a way to invite others through a personalized landing page created just for them. Go one step and think of this as a referral play. Incentivize them to invite others.
  • Send them a personalized reminder just a few days or hours before the webinar to ensure they attend.

Post Webinar engagement

As the peak-end rule suggests, closing the experience on a high is essential. Here are a few things you can do -

  • Thank the attendees for their time
  • Request for feedback
  • Offer them an extended trial of your product
  • Offer exclusive deals on related products or services from your webinar partners.
  • Ask them if they would like to be invited to the next webinar. This will help you build the list.

Webinars are here to stay, and the above framework might help you get more attendees for your sessions!

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