written by
Harpreet Bambra

Why PLG business should deliver Individualized Customer Experiences

Customer Experience 1 min read , July 15, 2022

Most businesses believe that serving Individualized Customer Experiences (ICX), especially with hyper-personalized images & videos, is an expensive and time-consuming process.

As per the State of Personalization 2021 report by Twilio Segment, 69% of consumers expect a personalized customer experience across multiple different channels. However, just 24% of businesses are investing successfully in omnichannel personalization.

This gap is because of the following beliefs -

  • Delivering ICX requires substantial investment in time & resources.
  • ICX Strategies are difficult to deploy with existing Sales/Marketing systems.
  • Real-time hyper-personalization is not scalable
  • ICX strategies do not work with existing customer journey designs

An effective ICX strategy can drive significantly higher engagement on key activation events.

With the current state of technology, real-time personalization is scalable, affordable, and more accessible than ever - and it's well worth the investment. It has proven to attract more responses, drive more conversations, increase customer loyalty, boost conversions and deliver better ROI

Crafting Individualized customer journeys is not as straightforward as it sounds, but it's worth the effort.

Setting up customer journeys for individualization just needs a few more steps than your conventional setup. You need to capture the required first-party information, set up your personalization templates, define the scenarios for distribution and lastly send omnichannel communication to drive results.

As per a study by Google, customers are 40% more likely to spend more than planned when served with an individualized shopping experience.

The future of real-time personalization is here, and businesses have an opportunity to drive superlative customer engagement by embracing it. Brands would need to compete based on the individualization they deliver in experiences.

If you have not explored the option of incorporating real-time personalization into your omnichannel customer experiences, now is the time to begin.

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