written by
Harpreet Bambra

87% Video Completion Rate & we knew we were onto something

Industry Guide Marketing 1 min read , July 12, 2022

It was November 2019 & we were nervous about running our first video campaign for a client with physical products.

We were excited since we had just figured out a way to serve videos at scale with real-time personalization scalable and finished a successful pilot with a tech startup. But now we were nervous. The client wanted to do a product launch with a 60-second explainer video!

Their goal was to get their prospects to contact them after watching the video. Our constraint was to use only SMS.

Here is what we did -

  • We made sure each video started with the prospect's name to create curiosity with a proven pattern interrupt.
  • We included a ‘Know More’ button at the end of the 60-second video, which took them to the product page.

Our small team had their fingers crossed that the personalization at the beginning of the video would generate enough curiosity to take the viewer to the end and click on the ‘Know More’ button. We needed this to work!

And it worked better than we hoped!

7 out of 8 viewers who clicked play saw the video till the end, with just over two-thirds of all viewers clicking the ‘Know More’ button! Fast forward one year, our team touched double digits for the first time 😃

And this became lore for our early team members to share and a case study for the businesses we would meet!