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Harpreet Bambra

How familiarity breeds loyalty

Customer Experience 2 min read , June 20, 2022

Do you know that humans are naturally drawn toward things that seem familiar? The majority of the human race is opposed to the idea of exploring the unknown. Whoever came up with the phrase "familiarity breeds contempt" may have got it wrong when it comes to business. In the business world, familiarity breeds loyalty, and loyalty breeds business.

Customers are more aware than ever of what they want from a brand in this day and age. Businesses are expected not just to meet customers' needs but to anticipate and exceed them. Today's most prominent brands have cultivated loyalty because these brands know their customers really well. Good enough to personalize every piece of communication that goes to them, be it a greeting, offer, or new product launch invitation.

The Mere Exposure Effect

Imagine the scenario where you have travelled to a foreign land. You decide to visit the most recommended local restaurant. But when you look at their menu, you can hardly pronounce the names of the dishes. As you turn the menu over, you spot an item called 'Pizza' among all these unfamiliar dishes, and this makes your heart race with excitement because now there is something that resembles home and gives you comfort!

Have you ever noticed how familiar items quickly become our favourite? It's called the MERE EXPOSURE EFFECT.

The mere exposure effect is the tendency to develop a preference for things merely due to being familiar with them. 

The effect is common with visual and auditory(sound) information.

The same analogy works for business communication ...

An email that mentions your name is more likely to be noticed, just like we immediately turn around when someone calls our name in a crowd. If your company name was also in the email's subject line, your chances of getting that email read have suddenly increased.

The same email, when opened, feels like it was written just for you, with an image that includes your name and a snap of your business's website on the screen in the image!

If the image has a 'play icon' on it, what are the chances that you would not click on it? And imagine that the next interaction includes a video with your name being displayed and spoken in that video within the first 5 seconds ...

With that, the Mere exposure effect has helped you get your message across because this experiment has resulted in over 67% completion rates across industries!

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