written by
Harpreet Bambra

Exploring additional cold outreach channels

2 min read , July 6, 2022

A study by woodpecker.co reveals some interesting insights regarding email outreach -

  • Personalized emails which included custom snippets beyond the {{first_name}} or {{company_name}}) generated a 17% average response rate.
  • Creating micro-segments of less than 200 generated 18% reply rates while segments of 1000+ prospects generated 8% reply rates.
  • Email sequences with 4-7 emails generated replies from 27% of the recipients as compared to just 9% replies for 1-3 email sequences.

There is no denying that email is a channel that’s been exploited by a majority of Sales and Marketing teams. But there are a few other channels that can be explored ...

LinkedIn Outreach

Linkedin is fast becoming a part of sales cadences. Most Sales professionals are using Linkedin in combination with email outreaches to reach their prospects from two channels.

Imagine coming across a mention of a brand in the newspaper and on your television (if I have to draw an analogy from conventional media channels). Your trust levels would be significantly higher and so would be your curiosity.

Slack Outreach

Slack is a relatively unexplored channel to run outreach. But when done well, it can result in significantly more conversations than email or LinkedIn. That’s primarily because individuals within a community are more likely to have conversations with other community members.

An experiment we tried within a slack community resulted in around 35% of them replying to our messages. However, we agree that this kind of outreach isn’t purely ‘cold’

Reddit Outreach

Reddit is probably the least explored on the list and hence the chances of getting responses are significantly higher. The team at howitzer.co has done an excellent job at making this easier for you by identifying prospects based on conversation tags within Reddit. Plus, they help you create message templates with personalization parameters which have resulted in over 41% reply rates!

And if you’re interested in taking your personalization game one notch higher, you can use visual personalization as well!

We’ve seen examples where emails with personalized images/GIFs or Slack messages with personalized images have witnessed upto 9X more replies as compared to emails & messages that did not contain any visual personalization.

Try Nexweave’s extension for LinkedIn

Nexweave’s chrome extension for LinkedIn let’s you add media templates to your messages and personalizes them for your prospects information, on the fly! And the best part? You can do all this, directly inside LinkedIn!

If you’re running cold outreach, try Nexweave out for no initial investment!